Less is More specializes in the de-cluttering and organizing of homes and personal collections. We serve the Chicago and Miami metropolitan areas. Our primary services are listed below. These services can be customized based on your individualized needs and time frame.

All services include:

  • Comprehensive consultation and needs assessment
  • Customized organizing plan
  • Guided de-cluttering
  • Space planning
  • Time management tips
  • Organizing product recommendations
  • “Where to Donate” list and other personalized resources
  • Strategies for maintaining order long term
  • Email check-ins

Tame the Paper Piles

You are drowning in paper, and it just keeps coming. The reality is, you need to keep less than you think. There is an easy way to store the papers that matter, toss what doesn’t, and prevent the piles from coming back. Let us teach you how.

Kid Clutter, Contained

You are often amazed at the amount of stuff your little ones seem to generate. Between the artwork, the books, the Legos, the costumes, and the outgrown clothes, you can’t help but feel like its their house and you are just living in it. Let us create solutions for your family that will foster your children’s creativity while keeping your home clutter-free.

Make Room for Baby

Your condo is perfectly sized for two (or three). With one more, it’s gonna be tight. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by all the baby gear or simply are unsure what to do with the home office equipment currently in the extra bedroom. Adjusting to parenthood is difficult enough, let us help you sift through the choices to create a space perfect for your newest addition.

All Those Photos

You love capturing funny expressions, exotic vacation destinations, or even life’s mundane moments on camera. Taking pictures is so easy. Finding them when you want them is what gets tricky. Having spent 15 years as a curator, Sarah knows a thing or two about properly organizing, displaying, and archiving special objects. Let her show you just how amazing your photographs can look.

Room to Breathe

Your bedroom closet is full. Your coat closet is full. You have not seen your favorite pair of boots in weeks and in order to open the washing machine you need to move the extra laundry basket, a super mega-sized pack of toilet paper, and an old box of books. Living in your home should not be this frustrating. Let us help you reclaim space and transform your household.

Don’t Lift a Finger

Your weekdays are busy. Super busy. The only thing that seems more painful than the disorganization itself is the thought of spending your entire weekend attempting to make sense of it all. Let us take care of the messy stuff, so you can come home from work to a beautifully organized space- all without having to lift a finger.

The Closet Makeover

Getting dressed each day should be effortless. No matter what the occasion, you need to be able to access your entire wardrobe with ease. Let us help you cull through what works and what doesn’t, de-clutter your space, and simplify your routine.

Just the Plan

You are fairly organized. You want your systems to be better but just can’t figure out how to get there. Or, you just moved and need some guidance for making the most of your new space. Let us help you create a new vision. We design the plan, you implement it on your own. (A great budget option.)

The Big Move

Listing your home and moving to a new one can be an overwhelming process. Let us help you ease the burden. Save money and help speed the sales of your house with pre-sales de-cluttering and basic staging. Create an organized home from the start with organizing and space planning services.

The Seasonal Check-in (Maintenance Plan)

You’ve purged, sorted, and containerized. Your closet has become a sanctuary. Then, the temperature fluctuates 50 degrees overnight and swapping out your seasonal gear seems like a daunting task. A change in seasons is a great excuse to de-clutter. Let us make this organizing process hassle-free. (This service features two visits per year.)